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Current: Olam Food Ingredients

Nitricity is collaborating with Olam Food Ingredients to conduct a field trial on Olam's young almond tree test plot. Supported by Elemental Excelerator and the Madera Chowchilla Resource Conservation District, the trial will use Nitricity’s low-emissions calcium nitrate fertilizer.

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Field Trial Results

Field Trial Results

At Nitricity, we’re committed to providing farmers with an excellent fertilizer that drives crop yield while nourishing the soil. Below are our field trial results, which demonstrate the success of one of our fertilizer products.

Dr. Upendra Singh, Vice President of Research - IFDC 

"We are intrigued by the potential of Nitricity’s electrified fertilizer production method, and we look forward to reporting on the sustainability and scalability of this technology."

We are working with select partners to help scale our technology.
Reach out to learn more.

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