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Results: Oats

Winter 2021-2022 

The trial was conducted in Woodland, CA between December 2021 and April 2022. Nitrogen (N) fertilizer treatments consisted of Nitricity’s Calcium Nitrate (CN) and standard UAN bought in the market. Both fertilizers were applied at a rate of 70 lbs N/acre. 

Crop biomass and physiological N nutrition status were measured prior to booting, at the end of the trial. On average, plants fertilized with Nitricity’s CN showed better N status measured with both NDVI (+1%) and SPAD (+0.7%), and produced 14.7% more total dry biomass than UAN*. These results are explained due to the readily available nitrate-N form in CN that was available to the plants during winter months. For UAN, some of its N was still in the Urea form during the winter due to low urease enzyme activity.

*Report differences were not statistically significant.

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