For engineers who want to change the world

Chemical Process & Design Engineer

The Senior Process & Design Engineer will be central in helping design and scale Nitricity’s product. The ideal candidate will use industry experience to help decrease the capital cost of Nitricity’s fertilizer production assets. This position will involve computer-aided design, oversight of manufacturing, and optimization of chemical and mechanical subsystems for intermittent operation.

Stanford TomKat Internship

We are seeking an ambitious intern that is comfortable bringing mechanical designs from the white board, to CAD (Solidworks) and a Bill of Materials, to a machined and tested assembly. This internship will involve a hands-on, on-farm component where you can help install and rapidly iterate on our on-farm solar-fertilizer systems.

Berkeley-based Internship

Design improvements and supplier identification related to the scale-up and manufacturing of our on-farm product. Results will help us improve efficiency and decrease the cost of producing sustainable fertilizer, reaching more farms. In-person building and testing of designed components for on-farm systems.

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