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Electrified Climate-Smart Fertilizer

What happens when you combine air, water, and renewable electricity?

The answer is simple: a better, decarbonized solution to nitrogen fertilizer.  

On a mission to decarbonize fertilizer 

Nitrogen fertilizer is vital to support our growing population, but its production and application is responsible for up to 7% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A complex supply chain, coupled with heavy reliance on coal and natural gas, means farmers are forced to make decisions based on price and availability rather than on crop needs. That's why Nitricity is on a mission to electrify the production of nitrogen fertilizer and bring better products closer to the farmers that use them.


We use lightning technology
to make climate-smart fertilizer 

Nitricity is building the next generation of reactors to produce climate-smart nitrogen fertilizer. Powered by electricity, this technology mimics a naturally occurring process to fix nitrogen, making high-quality fertilizer with low GHG emissions profiles. We are scaling up to serve thousands of acres with our first commercial plant.


We are unlocking a new era of fertilizer. Want to be part of it?  

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