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Nitricity Selected For R&D Grant In Frontier’s Largest Round Of Carbon Removal Investment

FREMONT, Dec. 15, 2022 – Nitricity is thrilled to announce its partnership with Frontier to accelerate the development of new climate-smart solutions in agriculture.  

“This support from Frontier not only allows us to further our mission of decarbonizing fertilizer, but signals to the market the importance of climate-smart innovations in industries like agriculture,” said Nicolas Pinkowski, CEO and co-founder of Nitricity. “The Nitricity team responsible for this collaboration, led by the vision of our chemical process engineer, Motahare Athariboroujeny, looks forward to the continued progress we can make in this space with Frontier as a partner.”


Read the full announcement from Frontier.

About Nitricity

Nitricity produces nitrogen fertilizer with only air, water, and electricity. Founded by a team of graduate students from Stanford University in 2018 – Nicolas Pinkowski serving as CEO, Joshua McEnaney serving as president and CTO, and Jay Schwalbe serving as CSO – the company is scaling its technology to provide regionalized, climate-smart nitrate fertilizer production.

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